Since 2004, CBUSA has been reducing costs for reputable builders like you. By leveraging the “strength in numbers” mantra and a network comprised of hundreds of premier builders, CBUSA has assembled the purchasing volume and buying power of a national builder. This market strength allows CBUSA members to realize savings and revenue streams they may not otherwise be able to achieve on their own—ultimately reducing their costs and growing their bottom lines.

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  • CBUSA's Committed Purchase Program delivers significant savings in every home that I build while maintaining a high level of service from our preferred suppliers. As one of the larger builders, I am seeing results that would be difficult to achieve on my own. Chip Bishop, Robuck Homes – Raleigh, NC


Through national contracts with reputable brands, CBUSA members secure significant cost savings through top manufactures like Kohler and James Hardie, to name a few. CBUSA Builders often see up to a 20% cost savings on name-brand building materials that may also increase the value of their homes. CBUSA Manufacturer Partners value their relationship with the network and in return for knowing volume up front, provide exclusive agreements, rebate programs, increased service commitments and other incentives that optimize business for both the manufacturer and the builder.

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Solid analysis for material procurement can be both time consuming and costly. With the use of CBUSA’s cloud-based tools, you can save money and time by sourcing materials from vetted and reputable suppliers and contractors through the online, member portal. CBUSA members simply log in when it’s convenient, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and set up bid requests that can be sent to multiple, qualified vendors—already offering competitive pricing. Eliminate the need to research vendors, request bids one-by-one, and negotiate pricing. CBUSA makes it easy and efficient and with the leverage of a builder much larger than any individual member.

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